Just what is an ACEO anyway?  
ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. They are by definition, miniature works of art measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches, the size of a standard playing card or baseball card. 

Collecting ACEO's has become a growing passion for many. People may collect by subject matter (cats, horses, floral, landscape, etc., or by medium (drawings, oils, acrylics, water colors, altered media, collage and art glass.) 

There are numerous ways to display ACEO's. They can be kept in sports-cards albums as they fit perfectly into the standard sleeves. Other collectors incorporate them into scrapbooks. 

Frames are also available that display one or more ACEO's. The frame can be a permanent wall decoration on  placed on a desk or shelf. This way it can be an evolving art gallery, as the cards may be changed periodically. 
Glass and other delicate Frames are also available that display one or more ACEO's.

The accessibility of this form of miniature art at reasonable prices makes ACEO's suitable for many lifestyles. 
Historically, miniatures have been highly prized collectibles, from Persian and Victorian miniatures to today's incredible variety. 

The popularity of ACEO's has surged in the 21st century.  To locate ACEO's, your best bet is Ebay or Etsy, but there are many artists from Alaska to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between selling these privately as well. 

I've sold 100's of ACEO's to clients all over the world (they really are  fun to paint!) 

So you wondered, what is an ACEO? 
Well, now you know!

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