Past Clients:

-CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
-100 Huntley Street
-Guelph Arboretum News
-Hallmark Cards

Some interesting facts about me:

I began reading when I was three. 

I love laughing hysterically until I fall down, get the hiccups or both.

My bed caught fire (with me in it) when I was seven . . . obviously I survived.

I once built a set of giant wings from balsa wood, coat hanger wire and newspaper, then climbed a tree and attempted to fly. 

Crest toothpaste became the only solution when I was a kid as I was constantly running out of white paint.  

The beach is my favourite place, no matter what season it may be.



Geoffry Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury
Tammy Wynette, American musician
James Beard, Chef & Cookbook Author
Shoko Nakagawa, Japanese actress, singer, illustrator

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